Description of the application

The thrust bearings are mounted at the end of the steel spindle and transmit the applied by hand axial force to a locking mechanism. Since at the locking mechanism no relative movements of the steel spindle must occur, a thrust bearing made from ZX-410 was here applied. To converts the rotational and translational motion to a pure translational motion.


At a low sliding speed, the max. surface pressure (short-term) is 530 N/mm² for a time of 60 s.


The previously used thrust bearing from conventional high-performance plastics are not suitable and should be replaced due to their short lifetime (failure due to low tenacity).


Here thrust bearing made from ZX-410 are used. The thrust bearing have an outer diameter of 16 mm and a thickness of approx. 7 mm.

Working life

A lifetime of 10 years was reached. Since 1995, the thrust bearings have been used as standard feature without any problem.


Working life extension.

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