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We are currently redesigning our online calculation tools, which is why not all tools are available yet.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact our technical department for advice, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to receive a notification when the wished calculation tool is available online.

Chemical resistance

The Chemical resistance tool graphically displays the resistance of ZEDEX® materials and standard plastics, to chemicals as a function of temperature and solution concentration.

Thread load capacity

To reduce settlement, the screws should be retightened 24 hours after installation. If necessary, use additional screw locking agent (adhesive or similar).

ISO Tolerator

The tolerator specifies all tolerance values according to ISO recommendations up to a nominal dimension of 500 mm.


The PV Values tool can be used to display and compare PV values (surface pressure x sliding speed) of ZEDEX® materials as a function of various parameters.

Coefficients of friction

The Coefficients of friction tool can be used to display and compare coefficients of friction of ZEDEX® materials, as a function of temperature, intermediate medium and surface pressure.

Bushings clearance calculation

In order to ensure the functional reliability of plain bearing bushes, it is particularly important that the installation bearing clearance and thus also the operating bearing clearance is correctly dimensioned.



With the Wear tool, the wear (abrasion) values of ZEDEX® materials can be displayed and compared as a function on various parameters, such as e.g. temperature.

Material comparison

The material comparison tool allows you to graphically compare the properties of ZEDEX® materials with each other and with common plastics.

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