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Are you looking for professional consulting or do you need support in the calculation and design of your component? Well, then you are right on the mark. We are specialists in the field of tribology

Help desk

Professional consulting is a matter of course for us. We would be pleased to advise you on all material issues relating to engineering and high-performance polymers.

Stones and copper as a bearing material have been known for 5500 years. The first plastic was developed approx. 200 years ago and engineering plastics have only been manufactured in large quantities in the last 90 years.

The experience and knowledge of this “young” material, which also reacts to its surroundings and mating partners, is not yet as pronounced as, for example, with metals.

For decades we have been learning to understand this material and have brought together the knowledge we have gained from the areas of polymers, tribology and mechanical engineering, in order to make possible a successfully usage of technical plastics as machine elements.

In the event of issues with plastic components, we are able to support you from the problem analysis to the solution up to the delivery of the problem-free products.


  • assistance with problem analysis
  • telephone support
  • analysis through questionnaires
  • personal advice on site
  • training and presentations 
  • calculation software for customers

Damage analysis

  • mechanical, thermal
  • micro and macroscopic

More information on damage analysis

Materials consulting

  • engineering plastic materials
  • high-performance plastic materials 

Component consulting

  • plain bearings, also hydrodynamic
  • spindle nuts
  • track rollers
  • gears
  • sliding & wear elements

Calculation and design

We calculate the static, dynamic, tribological, chemical and thermal loads on your components using the analytical (FEA) and the finite elements methods (FEM).

The goal of our calculations is to predict the behaviour of a component or material on external influences. According to its reaction, the design is performed in such a way that the component is neither oversized nor undersized.

We are pleased to carry out the necessary calculations to your relief, make the material selection and determine the production process.

We offer support with the detail design of your components and we modelling them to be suitable for materials, processing and load-bearing capacity.

We inform you about the optimal shape and thus, how to obtain the maximum efficiency. You will receive lifespan estimates according to your requirements and information on the optimal ratio of costs and benefits.

Main areas of application

  • plain bearings, also hydrodynamic
  • spindle nuts
  • track rollers
  • gears
  • sliding & wear elements

Test our know-how

  • new projects
  • problem solving
  • redesign
  • component substitution
  • function integration
  • system cost reduction

Technical questionnaires
– Optimal material unknown


When the necessary material’s properties are not known, we analyse the service conditions of your component. If the optimal material for it is not present in our product range, we can modify an existing material making it suitable for the application or even develop it specifically.

Download the most appropriate questionnaire and fill out. The more complete, exact and exhaustive the information, the more precise the material selection will be.

Once completed, send the questionnaire to . We will get in touch with you.


DIY – Do It Yourself

Try out our tools to speed up the engineering of your product.

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