Chemical Industry

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Vario Shuttles

Bushings and thrust bearings of ZX-100K for Vario shuttles.
It is used for the pre-treatment of the coachwork and it transports and pivots the car body during the pre-treatment in purification tanks, in which sometimes some aggressive chemicals are used. A high edge pressure resistance is in this application necessary.

eisenman vario shuttle 2

Beverage filling lines

ZX-530 and ZX-324 in bottling plants. ZX-530 and ZX-324 are used for gears in bottling plants, that have to withstand the aggressive detergents used during the sterilization process.

To reduce friction and wear also stainless steel shafts are coated with ZX-324V2HT COAT, which also has got a high chemical resistance.


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ChemInd DE ANW 1

ZX-324V2HT COAT and ZX-530

PCB manufacturing

Board holder of ZX-530. The injection moulded board holder of ZX-530 are used in a transport unit for the printed circuit board production, where they are exposed to chemicals such as aqueous alkali, sodium permanganate and hydrogen peroxide. Due to its excellent chemical resistance and low wear ZX-530 is now used as standard feature in this application.

Board holder made of ZX-530


ZX-530 as a replacement for PTFE


ZX-530 as replacement for PTFE. In the alkylation columns of refi neries, manifolds are used. Since these come into contact with acid, so far PTFE was used in order to guarantee the necessary chemical resistance.

At about 120°C, the manifold must support its own weight and the weight of the acid. Due to the poor creep properties and the high density of PTFE it came to tear off and breakage of the manifolds. With the usage of distribution pipes and fl anges of ZX-530 this problem has been solved thanks to its better mechanical properties in combination to an excellent chemical resistance.

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The specialist for chemicals up to 240 °C


ZX-530 is THE chemical specialist par excellence and finds its application where components are exposed to the highest chemical loads, e.g. Semiconductor production, chemical industry, paper machines and laboratory technology.

The chemical resistance is comparable to that of PTFE, but ZX-530 is significantly harder and stiffer, has a significantly better wear behavior and is also suitable for injection molding.



  • low tendency to creep
  • resistant to hydrolysis
  • low moisture absorption
  • insensitive to stress cracking
  • good machinability
  • Adhesive and weldable
  • extremely low outgassing
  • cheaper than PEEK

Chemical resistance

Chemicals, resistant
insoluble in organic solvents and chemicals

Chemicals, inconsistent
Chlorosulfonic acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, nitrobenzene, concentrated sulfuric acid

Lubricants and fuels

Operational parameters

Temperature (T)
–100 ° C to +240 ° C (+260 ° C)

Surface pressure (p)
Max. 25 (74) MPa

Delivery forms

  • granules
  • Rods from Ø 6-210mm
  • Hollow rods from outer Ø 30-380mm
  • Sheets 10-100mm thick
  • machined parts
  • injection molded parts
  • Plain bearing bushes according to DIN
Properties ZX530

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