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ZEDEX® – High-performance plastic solutions

Dough mixer

The plain bearing bushes of ZX-100K are used for the rotating device of the dough bowl in dough mixers.

Thanks to its excellent sliding properties, a smoother running and stable operation of the entire assembly is ensured. Additionally, thanks to its lower wear values, the lifespan, in comparison to the previously used plastic, was significantly increased.

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Industrial bakeries

In industrial bakeries, dough rolls made of ZX-530 with different diameters are used. The shell made of ZX-530 is mounted on a stainless steel shaft. ZX-530 is used due to its high resistance to leaven and aggressive cleaning agents.

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Plain bearing bushes made of ZX-100K in a machinery for the food industry

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ZX-100K slide rails in food processing and packaging machines

img 8242

Components made of ZX-100K for dosing and making bread dough


ZX-100K is used as an outer roller and piston in a dough dividing and knitting machine. The dough is pressed into the drum opening through a funnel. The piston pushes the dough through the openings of the rotating drum in which the dough is preformed. The remaining dough is then removed by the mean of a scraper. ZX-100K is used because of its non-stick effect and approval for applications with direct food contact.

food industry
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Molding roller for meat pies

So far, stainless steel molds have been used. By using ZX-100K, the service life is significantly increased and the costs reduced. The very good non-stick properties of ZX-100K make it easier to demold the finished meatballs.

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