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Cost saving

In the past, these bushings were made of bronze. These had a major disadvantage: depending on the frequency of use and the load, the plain bearing bush had to be lubricated too often, which was associated with high maintenance costs and great effort. Thanks to ZX-100K instead of bronze, lubrication can now be dispensed with.

The exchange also led to cost savings across the entire production process. In addition, the machine downtimes were reduced and production times increased. However, the biggest advantage is the reduction of friction and wear of the plain bearing, which led to a more efficient, stable working process, which extended the life of the machine.

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Dry running ZX-100K bearing in a horizontal balancing machine as a replacement for a lubricated bronze bearing. Due to the excellent tribological properties of ZX-100K, lubrication is no longer necessary.

The maintenance effort was reduced and the service life was increased by reducing abrasive wear.
Despite these great advantages, the enormous costs have also been reduced.

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Movement nut in the drive of a cross table


Bearing in a CNC lathe

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Movement nut in a portal milling machine

Replacement for bronze

ZX-100K as a replacement for bronze in a ball joint for a swiveling guidance of power and control cables.

When using ZX-100K in dry running, there is almost no wear. Furthermore, the guide is smooth and self-locking so that it can remain  postioned in any point.

DGS017 AL AB ZX100

The bearings made of ZX-100K are used in a suspension system for continuous assembly.

The axial spherical plain bearings enable lateral swinging out when cornering and compensate for misalignment from production. Lubrication is not necessary.

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