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Bushings and thrust washers

ZX-100K as thrust bearing and bushing in harvesters.
The problem with the bronze axial bearing plates in combine harvesters was that their tribological properties were to bad and they had to be replaced too often. Through the ZX-100K component the friction, wear and maintenance efforts could be reduced and at the same time the lifespan was extended. Additionally considerable cost savings were achieved.

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ZX-100K bushings are built in the chassis of rice threshing machine, which is used during the rice harvest. The crop process takes place in water and the lubricated bronze bearings came into contact with sand and dirt, which led to heavy wear and short lifespan. Through the usage of ZX-100K the friction and the wear have been significantly reduced, as well as the maintenance efforts and the lifespan of the sliding bearing has been at least doubled. Through it also enormous costs were saved.

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Cam wheel bearing in bucket wheel excavator undercarriages

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Duty cycle crawler crane


ZX-100K bushes in cable excavators
Previously bronze bearings were used to support the chain bearing rollers of a cable excavator. They had a too high wear value and an enormous necessity of lubrication. By the outstanding tribological properties of the by us installed ZX-100K plain bearing bushes, the wear has been significantly reduced and the above so complex lubrication were reduced to a couple of drops during the assembly.


Plain bearing bushes

ZX-100K bushing in the chain bearing roller of a bucket wheel excavators.

The chain bearing roller in bucket-wheel excavators serves to guide and transport the chain of the suspension. The chain bearing roller is supported by a bushing. Dirt and water can enter into the bearing seat. The bearings of the rollers should work in dry running condition and have minimal wear as possible. A replacement for lubricated bronze bushings were searched.
A plain bearing bush made of ZX-100K, which requires no lubricants, is used. In a 17 month long field trial, a 50 % shorter chain bearing roller was tested. Afterwards the test, has been observed that dirt and abrasive particles entered into the bearing, but the bushings showed no wear signs and it was as good as new.


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