New materials.
More efficiency.
From molecule to application.
More lifetime.

New plastics. From molecule to application.
More effciency. More Lifetime

Core competence

The company, a spin-off from the Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Dresden e.V., has developed innovative high-performance plastics. This has been achieved through permanent chemical bonding of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with high-performance plastics such as poly ether ether ketone (PEEK), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and polysulfone (PSU).

Perfluorence offers customer-specific, friction-reducing, wear-resistant and self-lubricating high-performance plastics that are individually optimised for the application, on the basis of high-performance polymers and refined fluoropolymers. Perfluorence carries out basic research in the field of tribologically modified plastics.

Thanks to the chemical coupling, reactive extrusion and nanoscale fillers, a stable transfer-layer is transmitted to the counter-body and the thermochemical reactions that occur are controlled in order to reduce both friction and the wear. Depending on the polymer base and modification, these mechanisms can be used and proven with a corresponding reduction in wear, even when using water.

By influencing the bond angle within the polymer chains and the resulting increased chain mobility, the positive side effect obtained is both a more ductile material behaviour and better low-temperature behaviour.

In short: perfluorence modifies polymers at the molecular level.

A spin-off of

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The upscaling of the products and the know-how of perfluorence GmbH takes place in the context of a cooperation with Wolf Kunststoff-Gleitlager GmbH.

Perfluorence GmbH materials are available in form of semi-finished products (sheets, rods, hollow rods), 3D filaments, machined and injection moulded components.

In addition, the Leibniz – Institute for Polymer Research Dresden e.V. (IPF) and perfluorence GmbH support Wolf Kunststoff-Gleitlager GmbH in basic research in the area PPS, PAEK (PEEK, PEK, PEKK), PAI, PES, PEI, LCP, PK, ETFE und PU.

The procedure

As basic material is used PTFE, which due to its high chemical resistance and reaction inertness, cannot be used for chemical and permanent bonding with other plastics.

By irradiating PTFE with high energy radiation e.g. electron beam or gamma rays, the C-C bonds of the carbon main chain and the C-F bonds are stochastically cleaved.

This takes place primarily in the amorphous phase of the PTFE.

perf functionalization of PTFE
This produces secondary perfluoroalkyl and fluorine radicals and, ultimately, peroxy radicals. In addition are originated also carbonyl fluoride groups (-COF), which will be converted to carboxylic acid (-COOH) under the influence of moisture.

The functional groups (-COF) and (-COOH) are then via chemical compatibilization by reactive extrusion chemically bonded (cg) on the particle surface of high-performance plastics e.g. PEEK.

perf kopplung COOH

SEM picture of the bonding points PTFE / PEEK

perf PTFE 8000fach

8000 fold

perf PTFE 25000fach

25000 fold

perf PTFE 30000fach

30000 fold

The advantages

The chemical bond has got a significant influence on the processing and performance properties


homogeneous distribution of the PTFE in the base polymer

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increased (notch) impact strength

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Increasing of wear resistance and reduction of friction

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perf verschleißfestigkeit
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  • avoiding of „deposits“ which act as defects or „internal“ notches
  • stable (processing) morphology

The possibilities

By using the patent-protected process and using the exclusive licenses, perfluorence GmbH produces the following chemically bonded PTFE high-performance plastic compounds from the „molecule to application“:
  • Tribofe PEEK-PTFE-cg
  • Tribofe PEK-PTFE-cg
  • Tribofe PEKK-PTFE-cg
  • Tribofe PPS-PTFE-cg
  • Tribofe PEI-PTFE-cg
  • Tribofe PSU-PTFE-cg
  • Tribofe LCP-PTFE-cg

Thanks to the chemical compatibilisation of high – performance plastics with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) are generated thermoplastic compound with a homogeneous and stable process morphology. The thermal and chemical resistance correspond to the properties of the matrix material. Furthermore, the plastic granules can be processed under the processing conditions of the matrix material by extrusion or injection moulding.


Additional functional properties

According to customer requirements, additional properties can be integrated into the compound.

  • Adjustment of the colour
  • Increasing of the thermal conductivity
  • Increasing of the electrical conductivity up to electrical
    conductor (surface resistance ≤ 10^2Ω)
  • Detectability by metal detectors
  • Fittings for antibacterial / antimycotic effectiveness

Product shapes perfluorence by Wolf

Perfluorence GmbH solely sells compounds in granulate form. Your demand for

Ihren Bedarf an

  • Semi-finished products (solid bars, hollow rods, plates)
  • Finished parts according to customer drawings
    (machined from semi-finished products or injection moulded)

can be ordered directly by our cooperation partner Wolf Kunststoff-Gleitlager GmbH (

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