Since 1972 we have our laboratory in Kerpen, Germany

Polymer testing

To develop a new material or to further develop or modify existing materials, a large number of laboratory tests are required. Thanks to our extensive laboratory equipment and decades of experience, we are able to carry out all relevant tests ourselves and use the data obtained as basis for further developments.

We provide this knowledge and the following tests/analysis, that we can carry out with our laboratory equipment, as a fee-based service to our customers: 

  • mechanical, tribological and electrical tests
  • thermal analysis
  • material analysis
  • test bench tests (plain bearings, spindle nuts, friction &
    wear, etc.)
  • damage analysis
  • customised tests
  • compound development & production
  • manufacturing of samples
  • material optimisation

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    Materials analysis

    Determination of the material on unknown samples

    By combining several individual tests, we can determine on unknown plastic material samples, the base polymer & which components and fillers are contained and in what proportions.

    The following analysis methods are usually sufficient for a material analysis:

    • FT-IR to determining base polymers
    • DSC to determining the melting temperature and the glass transition temperature
    • TGA to determining the proportions of components and
      to track down fillers
    • possibly the series of experiments is supplemented by microscopic examinations.

    Send us a material sample – we will then tell you which material it is and if you wish it, we can recommend a suitable material alternative from our product range.

    You will receive a detailed test report from us with the results and evaluations of all individual tests.

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    Mechanical tests

    • Determination of tensile properties
    • Determination of compression properties
    • Determination of the bending properties
    • Determination of the creep behavior in the time-tensile test or time-bending test
    • Determination of the hardness in the ball indentation test
    • Determination of the indentation hardness with a durometer (Shore hardness A / D)
    • Determination of Charpy impact properties (not notched / notched)
    • Resistance to sudden deformation (ball drop test)
    • Determination of shear strength and peel strength on bonded samples
    • Execution of thread extraction tests
    • Determination of tensile, compressive and bending properties with by the means of the eplexor
    • Determination of the compression set after constant deformation

    Thermal analysis

    • Dynamic Differential Calometry DSC
    • ThermoMechanical Analysis TMA
    • ThermoGravimetric Analysis TGA
    • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis DMA
    • determination of Heat Distortion Temperature HDT
    • determination of the max. fit temperature
      for tight-fit bushings
    • temperature measurements using the IR camera
    • determination of thermal conductivity
    • determination of the Limiting Oxygen Index LOI
    • determination of the Melt mass-Flow Rate (MFR) and
      Melt Volume-flow Rate (MVR)
    • rheological measurements
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    Tribological tests

    • determination of friction values, dry running, water and oil lubricated at different temperatures
    • determination of wear with translatory sliding movement
    • determination of abrasion resistance – Taber abrasion tester
    • determination of abrasion wear in the sand slurry method
    • determination of the coefficients of friction and wear using the “Pin on Disk Wear & Friction Monitor”
    • determination of the coefficients of friction and wear using the SRV
    • execution of plain bearing tests (determination of PV limit values)
    • carrying out life tests (wear determination on different sliding partner)
    • carrying out spindle nut tests (determination of the maximum axial force)

      Electrical tests

      • determination of the electrical surface resistance
      • determination of the dielectric strength
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      Common tests

      • colorimetric determination of colour measures and colour distances in the CIELAB colour space
      • determination of the specific density
      • FT-IR spectroscopy
      • determination of the residual moisture
      • determination of water absorption
      • ultrasonic testing
      • determination of the surface finish by the means of the perthometer
      • testing the wettability (determining the surface tension using the test ink method)

      Customised analysis

      • Materials analysis
      • Damage analysis
      • Component tests
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