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Concrete pump

Sealing balls in a concrete pump. In this valve pump, a brass sealing ball has previously been installed in the pump check valves and multi-valves of a cement pump. Problems arose due to the low chemical resistance. Lubrication was also necessary.

The use of ZX-410 as a sealing ball means that lubrication is no longer necessary. The maintenance effort and the wear ware reduced.


ZX-100K bushing in pumps

In the past, a brass bush was used in a pump that had to be lubricated at regular intervals. With ZX-100K as the bearing material, only one lubrication is required during assembly. Due to the improved tribological properties, i.e. less friction and less wear, the maintenance effort and the associated costs have been reduced.


Multi valve in a cement pump


Check valve in a concrete pump

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PTFE replacement

ZX-530 replaces PTFE with glass fibers. In systems for the extraction of a special fuel, ball valves are used, which are sealed with two sealing rings. Previously, these seals were made of PTFE with 30% glass fiber, which led to leakage due to deformation.

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