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Slide bush in mammography device

The so-called double bearing made of ZX-530 is assembled into the film processing unit of mammography
equipment and it works as bearing of the shafts used for the film transport. Previously were used plain bearing bushes
made from PA11, PEEK or other special compounds.

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Bushing in artificial knee joints

Bearings made of ZX-750V5T (with less load ZX-100K is used) meet the extreme requirements of artificial
knee joints.

Slide bush in film processing device

The ZX-100K bearing is installed into the film processing unit of x-ray devices and it works as bearing of the shafts, that are used for the film transport.

Advantages High wear resistance, lower coeffi cients of friction, signifi cant price reducing.


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Clips bearing in RX-ray machines

The clips bearing made of ZX-530LR6 are used in X-ray machines.

“Ordinary” plastics can be electrostatically charged through friction. In a subsequent discharge the tensions can lead to the damaging of the sensitive X-ray machines. Therefore an electrical conductivity material was required. Additionally the material should also have good tribological properties.

ZX-530LR6 fulfils also the requirement about the electrical conductivity. Tests made by the X-ray units manufacturer, have
shown an surface resistivity of 70-160 kW by a voltage of 100 V.


Spectral blood analyser

The current used material is ZX-324. The part is used as a standard feature in HPLC blood chromatography equipment. The blood flows through two angled threaded holes (6-40 UNF) and into the analysis chamber with sensors.

The material ZX-324 is physiologically safe and resists sterilisation processes. Lower prices due to faster processing due to the ductility of the material compared to common PEEK


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Blood analyser, transfusion

The current used material is INKURID (PVC basis). The part is used as a standard feature in blood testing equipment prior to transfusions.

INKURID was chosen as the material meets the stringent requirements for artifacts with blood contact.


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Slide guide in operation robot

Robot-assisted liver biopsy under clean room conditions: on a robotic arm, a 190 mm long biopsy needle is guided by means
of a prismatic linear guide. After each operation, the device must be sterilized in an autoclave at 150 °C and then has to work again tactfully and accurately

The device must be sterilized at a temperature of 150 °C in an autoclave. It calls for high precision, sensitivity and as low as possible weight.

Orthopedic toe alignment splint

ZX-324FDW2 – Sterilisable material, high strength, high elasticity, lower friction. The material is physiologically safe.

The splint must be loaded with at least 25 N, with a maximum thickness of only 3 mm.


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Slide guide for operating table

In hospital operating tables, the adjustment in the horizontal direction has to be guarantee. This is made possible thanks to
a slideway of steel cladded with plastic material.

The operating table is designed for patients up to 150 kg and the table plate has got a weight of 20 kg. On the table plate are
anchored additionally equipments and tools.

Thanks to low friction, good stickslip behaviour and low creep, ZX-550 is now used as a sliding guide for the patient support in operating tables. Because of the low wear the guide does not have to be readjusted. The material can be sterilized.

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