Stock shapes - extruded

ZEDEX® stock shapes

Semi-finished products made of ZEDEX® enigineering & high-performance materials are available in the form of sheets, rods and hollow rods.

The ZEDEX® dimensions’ availability depends on different factors such extrusion feasibility, known market needs, internal strategic decisions etc.

The general rules are:

  • Sheets available with a thickness from 2 to 100mm
  • Rods available with a diameter from 6 to 210mm
  • Hollow bars available with diameters from 30/18 to 380/300mm

With a finely coordinated range of manufacturable dimensions, machining with reduced waste is possible. In addition, we also offer blanks from each dimension.

Double check our delivery programme!

For questions about availability and prices, please contact our sales department.

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ZEDEX®  minimizes waste

Based on strategic and market needs, we have decided to include only some producible sizes of our ZEDEX® materials as ex-stock products and to manufacture the others sizes as just in time products with minimum order quantities (MOQ) or with minumum quantity fee (MQF).

If the optimal semi-finished size for a specific final part is not present in the product range, it is subjected to a too high MOQ/MQF or the dispatch time is too long, do not hesitate to contact us. We can react flexibly and, if there are justified needs and quantities, we can include the producible desired size of any ZEDEX® material as an ex-stock size or even produce a tailor-made tool to minimize waste, that arises during machining. Take advantage of these opportunities, since it is possible.

ZEDEX®  ideas

We also offer you the possibilities:

  • to buy semi-finished products after we have developed the optimal compound for your component. Check out our section of custom-made compound
  • to extrude the compound you produced / developed if we think it is an interesting project. Do not hesitate to send us an enquiry.

What is your challenge today?

Ask the right questions to let us develop the ideas to win it!

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