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Engine mounting

PA11 bushings were originally used for the suspension of the outboard motor of a sports boat. Since the PA11 did not meet the requirements, it should be replaced. Instead of the PA11, plain bearing bushes made of ZX-100K and injection molded bushings made of ZX-100A are used.

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Replacement for bronze

The material ZX-100K is used as a replacement for bronze. The seal and bushing are made of ZX-100K and are pressed-into rollers that allow hatch covers to slide over others.
The use of ZX-100K has many advantages: dry, running conditions, resulting cost savings and reduced environmental impact.


Bushings in windlasses


Bushings in deck equipment

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Propeller and rudder bearings


Bearing bush on the motor of a sports boat


Environmentally friendly dry running

The bronze parts used to date had problems due to oxidation, wear and friction because they came into contact with salt water, sand and other particles. Either ZX-100K or ZX-410 are now used as standard feature, depending on the load.

Advantages: environmentally friendly dry running, significant reduction in friction and wear, saving on maintenance costs and extending working life.

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