ZX-100K as replacement for PTFE-bronze compound.

Description of the application
The sliding guide (previously made of PTFE-bronze compound) is used in a horizontal machining center. The component is used as a guide for the vertical and horizontal axis of the pallet supply system.

The sliding speed is ca. 15 up to 20 m/min. The surface pressure is 0,1 N/mm². It is used at room temperature.

The wear of the up-to-now used material was too high. A material with improved wear characteristics was searched. The fastening should be realized with a bonding system and it should permanent last.

Instead of the PTFE-bronze compounds now massive sliding guides made of ZX-100K are bonded.

Working life
Since 1999, the sliding guides made of ZX-100K have been used as standard feature.

Thanks to the good bondability, the slide guides made of ZX-100K could replace the PTFE-bronze compound ones. A subsequent machining when assembled is no longer required. Also the wear has been reduced. The material tends to creep signifi cantly less than the previously
used material.

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