ZX-410 as a replacement for bronze

Description of the application
The spindle nuts (TR 100 x16) are used in lifting devices for the repair of railway wagons. A device consisting of each 4 individual lifters.

The lifting device has got a carrying capacity of: – fi rst equipment -> 120 tons – second equipment -> 160 tons Both of them consist of 4 railways jacks each.

In many wagons repair factories railway jacks with motion nut of bronze are used. With this solution a periodical lubrication of the assembly is necessary.

With ZX-410 a lubrication is only required just ones during the installation, further maintenance of the equipment is not needed.

Working life
The usage of ZX-410 motion nuts enabled an increase in service life of a minimum of three times. In order to achieve a maxi-mum working life of the motion nuts of ZX-410, they needed to be adapted to the spindle.

less maintenanceincreasing of the working life, reduction machining time, improve of the working life of the lathe chisel, reduction of the frictional forceReduction of operating temperature, reduction of noises during motion, costs dropped signifi cantly

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