ZX-530 as replacement for sintered bearing.

Description of the application

The bearing in franking and paper-folding machines was previously a sintered bearing. They were used to  support the conveying shafts and track rollers.


The bearing will be loaded by the pressure force of the track rollers.


The sintered bearings must be calibrated when mounted. The previously used sintered bushings require a  complex assembly, since they need a very smooth-running with minimal clearance, which requires an  accurate calibration. This also leads to high costs.


Now close-tolerance injected moulded bushings made of ZX-530 have replaced sintered bushings. The inner  diameter is 8 G7. The shaft has got a diameter of 8 h8. The maximum clearance is 0,049 mm.

Working life

The bearing made of ZX-530 have been successfully used as standard feature since


Maintenance-free by dry running conditions. The bearing made of ZX-530 must no longer be calibrated when  mounted. By replacing the sintered bearing, a cost reduction for both the mechanical parts and the assembly is achieved.

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