ZX-530 as a replacement for PTFE and PVDF.

Description of the application
The rack and pinion wheel (previously made of PTFE and PVDF) is used in horizontal transport devices for the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

In the production line, the blanks are drawn through etching baths. The transport device is exposed to the aggressive etching media. A stick wheel made of a material with low wear on the flanks and high strength at elevated temperatures is to be shrink-fit. The previous materials have not met these requirements satisfactorily.

The injection molded pinwheel made of ZX-530 now replaces that made of PTFE and PVDF.

The lifespan is 8 years.

The ZX-530 headstock wheel has a much higher wear resistance than that of PTFE and PVDF. The rigidity is also much higher. Due to the low wear, the circuit boards will no longer get dirty and the wheel will run quieter. Furthermore, ZX-530 has a very high chemical resistance.

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