ZX-100K as replacement for bronze.

Description of the application
escription of the application The application relates to the spindle drive for a carcase press in the woodworking industry. The previously used trapezoidal threaded nut made of bronze is now
manufactured with ZX-100K. It has only got an outer metric thread M 59 x 1,5 as fastening. With this thread, the ZX-100K nut is screwed and bonded into a steel housing. On outer part of the pressure pad of a press stand two of these trapezoidal threaded nut are used. These run on trapeze spindles made of 9SMnPb36 and transmit the entire pressing force to the to be pressed cabinet body.

Cyclic tensile stress and compressive load, tensile: up to 1.000 N each motion nut, pressure: up to 20.000 N each motion nut, speed: 233 rpm, duty cycle: 80%.

The previous solution was not maintenancefree. Finding a material that offers, with only an unique lubrication during assembly, maintenance-free and a working time of at least 6 years was the requirement. In addition, also the costs have to be minimized.

A motion nut made of ZX-100K with a trapezoidal thread TR 40 x 12 and a length of 85 mm has been proved as suitable.

Working life
Since 1995, the motion nut has been used without any problem.

With dry running ZX-100K bushing, the wear have been signifi cantly reduced.

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