Description of the application
The threaded nut is used for height adjustment of a work table. The housing is made of a machined steel pipe. The spindle is made of free machining steel, with a surface roughness of Ra=0.8 μm.

The long-term load is 1.000 N with a spindle speed of n=23 rpm. Additionally, every 180 s
for a time of 120 s, an axial load of 2.000 N (total 3.000 N) takes place on the spindle nut. Then the cycle starts all over again. The ambient temperature varies between – 5 °C and + 40 °C.

For the motion nut, a material with low wear and also maintenance-free was required.

For this application a motion nut made of ZX-100K with a trapezoidal thread TR 28 x 3 and a length of 30 mm was used.

Working life
Field tests with an incremented load and a duty cycle of 100 % have shown that the motion nut subjected to these parameters, and after the required working life, has signs neither of wear
nor of plastic deformation. It has been used as standard feature since 1996

Maintenance, cost reduction

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