ZX-100K as replacement for PTFE and PTFE compound.

Description of the application
The application concerns to sliding guides made of PTFE, which carry the bearing of the machining center.

Plastic deformation (creep), thereby guidance inaccurate, low vibration absorption, bad bondability, high friction, high wear, thereby low working life, bad emergency running properties.

Here ZX-100K slide guides were used in place of the PTFE ones, and they have been bonded to the existing working table.

Working life
The previously used guides reached a working life of 1,5 years. With the ZX-100K slide guides a working life of 4 years with a greater accuracy is now achieved.

High positioning accuracy, high vibration absorption, durable bonding, lower friction forces, thereby less energy costs, low wear, long working life and excellent emergency running properties in case of lubrication failure.

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