ZX-100K as replacement for epoxy compound.

Description of the application
The up-to-now used components are slideways made of epoxy resin which lead the support of a horizontal drilling machine.

High costs, Stick-Slip, high wear, short working life, low emergency running properties and vibration resistance.

The guides made of epoxy resin were replaced by those made of ZX-100K, which have been bonded to the existing working table.

Working life
The previously used guides showed, after a period of 2 months, a strong stick-slip, so they had to be replaced. With ZX-100K guides, so far a completely stick-slip free, working life of 3 years has already been achieved.

High positioning accuracy, a high vibration absorption, higher strength, lower friction forces, less wear, excellent emergency running properties in lubrication failure, chemical resistance and improved dimensional stability.

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