ZX-530 as replacement for bronze.

Description of the application
The following described plain bearing bushes are used in tool adapters for sintered tools in hydraulic presses, cross head and base plates. The up-to-now used bronze bushings in the column guide, had to be lubricated.

Centrifugal forces up to 200 N/mm², speeds up to 6 m/min.

The fine dust is attracted from the greasy, making the device rapidly soiled. In the future
during the tools’ changing, the adapter should not be washed completely. So far, high environmental impact (disposal of used greasy enriched with metal powder, etc.)

Thanks to a preload bushings made of ZX-530, with an optimized honeycomb structure on the inner diameter, the penetration of aggressive fi ne dusts on the sliding surfaces is prevented.

Working life
With this system so far 500.000 parts were manufactured, which is equivalent to 1 million hubs.

Time saving through the elimination of the lubrication process and during tool changing, additional savings of lubricant and of disposal costs. Thanks to the dry running conditions the guides and tools stay clean.

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