ZX-324V2T instead of bronze.

Description of the application
The socket used here is installed at several points in the articulated arms of truck tail lifts.

The maximum surface pressure of the plain bearing bushes is 120 N / mm 2, the speed is 4 min -1 in connection with penetrating dirt, water and road salt into the bearing point.

Complete maintenance-free operation (dry running) and low-noise operation are required. As this is a welded construction, geometry errors occur in the bearings, which cause extremely high edge pressures. A tested composite material made of epoxy resin and PTFE turned out to be unsuitable (breakage).

Cylindrical slide bearings made of ZX-324V2T with an inner diameter of 30 mm, an outer diameter of 36 mm and a length of 30 mm were installed in the articulated arms of the tail lift.

25,000 load changes were required. After 25,000 load changes on the test bench, the plain bearing was still fully functional. The standard installation has been carried out since 1996.

The application works maintenance-free and there is no need for grease lubrication. The material can withstand high surface pressures.

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