ZX-100K as a new design.

Description of the application
We were looking for a suitable material for a sliding bushing, which is used in a convertible top for convertibles. The plain bearing bush guides the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder, which opens and closes the folding top.

There are low radial forces. However, the material has to withstand sustained temperatures up to 80 ° C and short-term temperatures up to 130 ° C, superimposed by shocks and vibrations. High shock resistance and shock absorption as well as low friction and very high wear resistance are therefore required.

In this application, plain bearing bushes made from ZX-100K with an inner diameter of 6.2 mm and a length of 8.4 mm are used.

The plain bearing bushes have been installed as standard since 1990. Since then, no problems in use have occurred.

ZX-100K is very suitable due to its high wear and shock resistance and good shock absorption.

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