Description of the application
The bushing is used as guiding of a vibration generating piston in pneumatic cylinders of grinders.This produces a cross-grinding on the work-pieces.The piston is driven by compressed air (oil and water free). The cylinder is fi tted with radial slots, so that the air can enter and exit through them. The system works, in principle, as a twostroke engine. The piston stroke is 36mm at a sliding speed of 350 m/min.

So far, a coated steel sleeve which was glued into a cylindrical aluminium body, was used. Unfortunately the adhesive was dangerous to human health, the applying of the coating was laborious and had poor adhesion to the steel sleeve. The coating was also highly sensitive to
shocks. Therefore, they were seeking for an easy solution in which even dry running would have been possible. A service life from 5 up to 10 years was required.

Instead of a glued and coated sleeve, now a bushing of ZX.530CD3 is used, which will be polished in the inner diameter after its tight fi t in order to improve its tribologiacal properties.

Easy installation, thanks of the cooling system by the driving air, a very low guidance clearance of 0,019 – 0,023 mm is possible, hardly measurable wear.

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