Description of the application
In the rubbish tracks mobile compactors, their hydraulic cylinders must be driven in a way to do not let them buckle. For this purpose, a suitable material is searched.

The loading on the part is dependent from the ever-changing operating conditions (loading condition, rubbish mass, temperature) and may not be precisely measured.

The hydraulic cylinder should not buckle in the extended position. The enormous lateral forces and signifi cant edge compression must be supported. Accurate force measurements were not performed. The vehicle works outdoor and therefore operates in a wide temperature range,
from -20°C to +60°C. Furthermore during the working life it is always is contact with considerable pollution. The cylinder guide must be maintenance-free in dry running conditions.

A machined U-profi le made of ZX-100K is used. It guides the hydraulic cylinder of the mobile rubbish compactor.

The hydraulic cylinder is securely supported also in fully extended position and the wear of the support U-profi le is now very low. ZX-100K enables the maintenance-free operations.

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