ZEDEX® Brand

ZEDEX® is the brand of property of the corporate Wolf Kunststoff-Gleitlager GmbH and identify the polymer material families developed from Wolf Kunststoff-Gleitlager GmbH.

The ZEDEX® families are based on engineering & high-performance poplymers and are were born from the experience gained in our over 50 years of activity in solving the problems deriving from the use of plastic materials as machine elements.

Once proven that the developed compound could create added value for our customers and being used in different industrial sectors, we decided to include it in the ZEDEX® product spectrum.

Even if some ZEDEX® materials are no longer advertised exhaustively on the internet page, this doesn’t change the fact that these materials are still available just in time with a minimum order quantity. Have a look to our delivery programme.

Classification of plastic materials

It is difficult to describe a plastic material with pictures or numbers. However to give an overview at glance we decided to use a pyramide and radial diagrams.


Plastic materials pyramide

This pyramid of plastic materials provides a general indication of how the ZEDEX® families are positioned among standard plastic materials. The measurement scale used is the Relative Temperature Index (RTI).



Radial diagrams

Radial diagrams is in our opinion also a good way to go since they offer a more specifically comparison. The properties are shown on the circumference and the arrows indicate how good a property is. The more the arrow is filled, the better the property is.


  • Strength: the further the arrow is filled, the more positive (higher) the strength.
  • Costs: an arrow that is filled far out indicates low costs.

Here we show the properties comparison between one material among each ZEDEX® family and common PEEK.


ZX-100K vs. PEEK

⟶ value the higher = better

ZX-200 vs. PEEK

⟶ value the higher = better

ZX-324 vs. PEEK

⟶ value the higher = better

ZX-410 vs. PEEK

⟶ value the higher = better

ZX-530 vs. PEEK

⟶ value the higher = better

ZX-750 vs. PEEK

⟶ value the higher = better

ZEDEX® High-performance polymers – Nomenclature

The ZEDEX® materials are grouped in families with the same material base.
For each basic type are specially modified types available.



ZX  –  324   V2T

ZEDEX®      Base type    Modification

ZEDEX® Material families

The ZEDEX® materials are grouped in families with the same material base.
For each basic type are specially modified types available.

ZEDEX® 100 Family

The "little PEEK" - up to 110 °C

ZX-100® is an "all-round polymer family" with excellent tribological properties & self-lubrication. The modification ZX-100K® is both rigid and elastic at the same time.

It is very suitable, as a replacement e.g. for ordinary bronze and PA.

ZEDEX® 200 Family

High elasticity and low creep
- up to 140 °C.

The ZX-200® family is based on PK and its chemical resistance comparable to PEEK.

ZX-200® has excellent elasticity and its thermal and mechanical properties are better than conventional PA and POM.

ZEDEX® 324 Family

Like PEEK only better - up to 250 °C

ZX-324® family is suitable for high temperatures in combination with high surface pressure.

ZX-324® is 100% virgin PEEK, but has a higher TG and ductility than conventional PEEK.

ZEDEX® 410 Family

The most precise - up to 180 °C

ZX-410® is suitable for the medium sliding speed range, high surface pressure and high precision even at high temperatures.

Also suitable to replace bronze / sintered bronze and aluminum taking into account the required strength.

ZEDEX® 530 Family

Super PTFE compound
up to 240 °C

ZX-530® family is particularly suitable for applications in which aggressive chemicals are used.

ZX-530® combines the advantages of PTFE and ceramic.

ZEDEX® 750 Family

Cryogenics, high temperature and high PV – up to 280 °C

ZX-750® family is suitable for very high temperatures, combined with high PV values. Due to its low brittle point, it is also well suited for cryogenic applications.

Also suitable to replace PI taking into account the long-term temperature.

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