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Material selection

The choice of materials plays a central role, even a small mistake can lead to increased costs or failure of the component and the equipment.

Processing methods

We provide you finished parts made of ZEDEX® polymers at cost-effective with the optimal process in any quantity. Alternatively, we also produce entirely according to customer requirements.

Chemical resistance

The chemical resistance describes how high the resistance of the polymers to mutual interference by chemical media (e.g. air, gas, water, grease).

This means that the medium influences the polymer, but also the polymer influences the medium. For example, some polymers can adversely affect the consistency of greases and thus the lubrication.

Case Studies
& Technical White Papers

On this page you will find successful application examples of our ZEDEX® products and materials in various industries

Calculation tools

Tools to support you

Chemical resistance
Thread load capacity
Plain bearing calculation
Gear calculation
Wear & friction
and more…


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