Since the usage of plastic wear parts as machine element could lead to problems, the decision concerning whether, where and how, which plastic can be used, requires a high degree of experience.

For example in an existing gearbox construction, it is not enough to replace the used metal gear by a plastic one, without letting a specialist analyse the installation, construction, loads and any external influencing factors to which the gear is subjected to. In fact, to achive an optimal application, the customer should study the application as a whole.

In alternative you can choose material-selection-level-6 too! Have a look to our material selection section and let us analyse your application.

We understand the properties of plastics as intrinsic properties of the system. Through our experience we know how technical components work (such as gears, gaskets, bushings, mother screws, and other parts of general wear) and what reactions and processes inside the plastic take place during the usage and which modifications are necessary for reduce negative reactions.

Over the years, we have had the honor of being able to create added value in many sectors with our ZEDEX® plastic materials, such as performance, efficiency and durability.

We have successfully introduced ZEDEX® high-performance plastics in areas considered visionary, which allows us to talk only about some of the many applications carried out.

Take a look at our sector specific flyers to get an idea of some possible applications for ZEDEX® engineering & high-performance plastics or use the filter below to find application cases similar to those you are looking for and click on the link of each application to view the case study.

If in these applications by way of example, you do not find data that can be translated into your application or would like more detailed information, do not hesitate to send us a request.

If instead you want to download our complete application catalogue and study it later, you can do it here below.

Download our complete application catalogue


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