Delivery programme

product groups

Granules (GRN)

Granulat (GRN)

3D Tribo Filament (FILA)

3D Tribo Filament (FILA)

Rod (HZS)

Vollstab (HZS)

Hollow rod (HZR)

Hohlstab (HZR)

Sheet (HZP)

Tafeln (HZP)

Foil bearings (FL)

Folienlager (FL)

Slideway (GBR)

Gleitbahnbeläge (GBR)

Stave bearing (SB)

Segmentbuchsen (SB)

Spindle nut (SPM)

Spindelmuttern (SPM)
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We offer over 50 years of experience in the development, processing, fabrication and design of high-performance polymers.

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