Stave bearings

Stave bearings

Stave bearings are bushings made of “staves” or segments, which we manufacture by mechanical processing from plastic sheet strips or by injection moulding. They can be implemented with or without segment connectors.

This type of plain bearing bush is particularly suitable when large diameters are required, for which a sufficiently large semi-finished product is not available.

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Custom-made dimensions are also possible. Do not hesitate to send us your request.

stave bearing mit segment

Stave bearing with segment connectors

The noblest version of the stave bearing is the one with segment connectors. Usually the “staves” or segments are made of ZX-100K and the special safe segment connectors are made of ZX-410.

When the working life of the segment bushing is reached, the connectors ensure that the bushing is still properly supported within the maximum allowable clearance.

 At this point you can carry out a rapid maintenance of the stave bearing, with less effort. The worn segments can simply be simply be replaced with new ones, without disassembling the shaft.

Segmentbuchse 1 scaled

Stave bearing without segment connectors

The version of the stave bearing without segment connectors is obviously the price effective one, but at the same time the more laborious version during both the assembly and replacement phase, after having reached the end of its service lifespan.

However, once mounted, the bearing guarantees the same performance as the one with connectors. It is recommended to keep the wear controlled with regular maintenance checks.

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segmentbuchse scaled

Injection-moulded stave bearing

For applications where the size of the segment allows it and at the same time several units are required, it is advisable to analyse the possibility of injection moulding the stave bearing segments.

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