Plain bearing bushes

Precision plain bearings

We deliver precision plain bearing bushes in following versions:

Standard version with dimensions according to:

  • DIN ISO 3547-1 (DIN 1494 Teil 1)
  • DIN 1495 Teil 2
  • DIN 1498 Form F (without slot)
  • DIN 1552 Teil 1
  • DIN 1850 Teil 1,3,4,5
  • and much more …

each made from our engineering & high-performance polymers of the ZEDEX® families

Special dimensions version:

  • with dimensions according to your specifications
  • from few parts to volume production
  • inner diameter from 2 mm up to 250 mm

Special version:

  • in combination with metal up to a shaft diameter of 1600 mm
  • as a turbine bearing for hydrodynamic lubrication
  • as a foil bearing

For detailed information, read our documentation on:

Plain bearing bushes made of ZEDEX® materials

Standard version

Standard plain bearing bushes are manufactured with the highest precision and made of all ZEDEX® engineering & high-performance polymers. There are currently over 2000 dimensions in the range from 2mm up to 250mm available as inner diameter.

Depending on the requirements, 4 bearing clearance classes (coarse, standard, fine and negative) can be selected.

Find out the available standard dimensions in our delivery programme.

Take advantage of the free consulting of our application technology. We design the bearing for you in a plastic-compatible manner and provide you with a load bearing capacity and service lifespan calculation.

Special dimensions version

If the dimensions of the bearing you are looking for do not correspond to the any standard, we can manufacture it – whether shorter or longer, smaller or larger – according to your specifications.

Plain bearing bushes with special dimensions are manufactured with the highest precision and available made from all ZEDEX engineering & high-performance polymers according to your requirements. They are availabe as a prototype, in small series or in volume production.

Do not hesitate to send us your request.

Otherwise, take advantage of the free consulting of our application technology department. We design the bearing for you in a plastic-compatible manner and provide you with a calculation of the load bearing capacity and the service lifespan.

Special version

You need a special plain bearing bush in a special design

  • as a spherical bearing
  • as a slotted bearing
  • as a composite plastic/metal bearing
  • as a hydrodynamic bearing

with special dimensions

  • very big or small
  • highest precision
  • negative bearing clearance and low friction

with special properties

  • low friction
  • high wear resistance
  • anti-adhesive
  • low outgassing
  • physiological harmlessness
  • medical approvals

for harsh environments and extreme operating conditions

  • cryogenic temperatures
  • high temperatures
  • strong impacts and vibrations
  • high edge pressureaggressive chemicals
  • high surface pressure
  • dirt and abrasive particles

with integrated functions

  • sealing lips
  • toothing
  • grooves for the transmission of torques
  • snap-fit connection

or simply according to your wishes.

Do not hesitate to send us your request.

Otherwise, take advantage of the free consulting of our application technology department. We will offer you a technically and economically sensible solution for your requirements.

All the bushings are offered in four different bearing clearance classes.

IMG 0761 scaled

* Basically, the usage of a mounting hole with a quality different from ISO 5 is possible (e.g. H6 or H7). In these cases, after having pressed-fit the bush, only the upper deviation of the given ISO tolerance of the inner bore of the bushes increases, namely it inceases of the difference of the ISO tolerances of the mounting holes.

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