Foil bearings

Foil bearing

Foil bearings are slotted bushings that are made from sheet strips by cold forming. This type of plain bearing bush is particularly suitable when large diameters are required, for which a sufficiently large semi-finished product is not available.

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When are foil bearings suitable?

  • with large diameters
  • if you want to save costs
  • with high temperature fluctuations
  • if a low operating bearing clearance is required
  • if the bearing should be replaced quickly and without cumbersome tools

When are foil bearings not suitable?

  • if no axial fixation is available and it cannot subsequently be done into the housing
  • if a rotary movement between housing and bearing is not permitted

Stave bearing as alternative

If a wall thickness > 6mm and/or a width > 140mm is required, we recommend the usage of a stave bearing.

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