To improve the tribological properties

To optimise the tribological properties of the pairing, we offer our ZEDEX® Tribocoat ZX-324V2HT & ZEDEX Tribocoat ZX-324HT.

ZEDEX® Tribo Coat is an emulsion based on the ZX-324HT series and is used to obtain an additional functional surface on metallic components.

ZX-324HT Coat and ZX-324V2HT Coat (modified with PTFE) are available in package sizes of 1kg and 5kg. Do not hesitate to send us your request.

The coating is carried out with the airbrush-process by spraying the emulsion with subsequent drying and curing in a circulating air oven.

For detailed information, read our documentation on:

  • Coating emulsion up to 260°C


tribocoat 1 1 scaled
tribocoat 2 1
tirbocoat 3 scaled

Why coating

The coating can be done on simple and complicated carriers and leads to:

  • improvement of the tribological properties
  • reduction of adhesion to metal
  • improved corrosion protection
  • electrical and thermal insulation
  • FDA-conformity
  • casing of the carrier against product and
    media contact
  • improvement of the optical characteristic of metal parts
  • cost reduction; through this new process, insert moulding or bonding can be omitted

Which materials can replaced by ZEDEX® TRIBOCOAT?

Lubricant varnish, insert moulding, metal-plastic bondings, metal-plastic connections based on:

  • PTFE und PFA


Reduction of wear, increasing the compressive strength and the PV-value, improving the radiation resistance, improving the precision, cost reduction.


Reduction of wear and friction, increase the compressive strength and the PV-value, improving the precision, cost reduction.

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