Custom-made by Wolf

Your tailor made material

We produce special compounds based on mostly engineering and high performance polymers following your formulation or the material’s characteristics desired.

When the material’s properties are not known, we analyse the service conditions of your components and we develop the suitable formulation.

If the optimal material for a specific application is not present in the product range, we can either modify an existing material, making it suitable or even develop one specifically based on another polymer such as PAI, PEEK, PEI, PESU, PET, PK, POM, PVDF, PPS, PU, TPI, PPSU, LCP, ETFE etc.

Eventually we can provide the product in form of plastic granules, semi-finished products or final parts.

Often, large quantities or long development times are not required.

Your custom-made compound

Targeted influencing of material properties is possible. Based on decades of experience and thanks to intensive research, we can specifically influence the properties of the base polymers and demonstrate the changes through laboratory facilities.

Through the property changes, we can e.g.

  • improve friction and wear behaviour
  • increase stiffness and strength, especially at high temperatures
  • improve the precision by reducing the thermal expansion coefficient
  • increase elasticity and mechanical damping
  • improve the diffusion resistance
  • increase the thermal and / or electrical conductivity (antistatic finishes)
  • achieved an antibacterial effect
  • set up the colour
  • reduce the costs

Have a look to our compound development section and/or do not hesitate to send us an enquiry.



Costumised components

Customised components

We offer machine elements according to customer drawings or specifications. If there are no standard parts available in the desired dimensions, then we are the right contact to manufacture the following components according to your requirements:

  • plain bearing bushes
  • slideways
  • spindle nuts
  • tracking rollers
  • gears
  • bearing shells
  • seals
  • wear and insulation parts
  • hydrodynamic plain bearings
  • metal-plastic composite parts


Value for money
The geometry of the components is optimised taking into account the properties of the selected material. If large quantities are required, then are parts according to drawings or specifications are generally cheaper than standard parts since the latter have to cover a larger area of ​​application.


Upon request, parts specially designed for your application can be manufactured. For these parts will be selected the most economical manufacturing process, so that the best possible price / performance ratio can be achieved.


If new designs are requested or if metallic machine elements are to be replaced by plastic, it is usually necessary to consult our application technology department.

Send us a request for quotation for your component. We will send you our best price and, if necessary, we will contact you to discuss the details of the application in order to find the optimal solution.


In our section on processing methods you will find some important data about our machining options.

We do not offer machining services for products that we have not extruded.

We have the right solution for every application

We manufacture your component according to your drawing or you name the application and we design your component according to your requirements – machined, injection moulded or 3D printed.

We determine the optimal manufacturing process for each component.

Optimal material not known

When the material’s properties needed are not known, we analyse the service conditions of your components and we develop the suitable formulation.

Send us the questionnaire with the service conditions of your component. The more complete, exact and exhaustive the information, the more precise the material selection will be.

Injection moulding

In our section on processing methods you will find some important data about our injection moulding options.

We do not offer an injection moulding service for compounds that have not been formulated by us.

3d print additive manufacturing

Visit our 3D Tribofilament website for more information on filaments and 3D printing. Visit our 3D Tribo Filament website at:

We do not offer a 3D printing service for products that are not based on our 3D tribofilament or your 3D filament that we have formulated.

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